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Happy couple sitting on the floor of their apartment.

We work through the lenses of capital and  impact to advance people’s quality of life.

Our approach is to engage innovators who focus on the built environment. We view every financing and development process as an opportunity to achieve people-centric impact.

Young father holding and kissing his happy toddler.

We create a convergence of capital and aspiration to achieve results.

Capital is both financial and human, and when they converge, we know from history that results are possible. By partnering across sectors (government, philanthropy, for-profit and non-profit) we can innovate. Specifically in the realm of affordable housing—an often under-invested industry can be a foundational ingredient in people’s lives. Stable housing is vital to one’s economic, social, and physical health. It means so much more than bricks and mortar. It is also a central place of culture and learning.

We offer:

. access to capital

. developer support

. strategic planning

. project management

. staff development


With our sister company, Centri Tech, we also offer innovative tech applications that support impact.

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